| State partnership for Agriculture (SPA)
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State partnership for Agriculture (SPA)

The State Partnership for Agriculture is a multi-stakeholder program focused on shifting the system from subsistence farming to the business of agriculture. The projection of a doubling of Nigeria’s population by 2050 and the perennial challenges facing production and processing of agricultural commodities makes addressing this issue critical.


The ultimate aim of SPA is to sustainably improve the livelihoods and well- being of smallholder farmers, consciously create a gender and nutrition- sensitive agricultural ecosystem in Nigeria, and test scalable approaches for improving state-level institutions and delivery systems.


SPA seeks to strengthen the agricultural system by establishing stakeholder working groups and building the capacity of key public sector stakeholders to problem solve, mobilize resources, implement improvement initiatives and monitor progress. The approach is being piloted in three States – Benue, Kogi and Kaduna, focusing initially on rice and cassava.


The SPA strategy is being piloted in three (3) States, Benue, Kogi and Kaduna, driving towards Agri-business ecosystem that is actively creating, evolving and rewarding the transition from subsistence farming with significant numbers of women benefiting, as well as inspiring a culture of nutrition- sensitive practices across the value chain.



System Shifting: facilitate collaborations between stakeholders in three main working groups: Agricultural Vision Group (AVG); Agricultural Innovation Group (AIG); and Core Delivery Teams (CDT) to proffer and own agricultural solutions in the States.


Such solutions include:

  • Conduct Baseline study to establish current situation;
  • Generate Market data to understand trends and value chain;
  • Improve Agric. policy making and execution processes at State and Local Govt. levels;
  • Develop State Govt. policy on Agric.Investment Plan; and Promote inclusive decision making among policy makers.
  • Empower marginalized stakeholders
  • Facilitate Investor One-Stop Interventions
  • Adopt and implement nutrition policy at State levels.
    Capacity Building: build the capacity of key stakeholders to drive the SPA Project and create problem-solving centers.
    Prototype the ‘cassava peels-into-livestock feeds’ innovation in selected states.